Will Writing

Do You Need A Will?

The short answer is yes!  If you have a mortgage and assets what would happen if you suddenly had a fatal accident?  Funerals cost at least £5k so who would pay for that if your assets didn’t cover the cost?

It isn’t a nice topic but everyone should have a Will so that things are organised and in order in the event of something happening.  Things that you should consider when thinking about a will:

  1. Who will get your possessions?
  2. What will happen with any equity in your home (if you have a mortgage)?
  3. What about any children etc, do you have a Guardian arranged?
  4. Do you have savings to pay for things like the funeral, or would that come from equity in your property?

These are all things that should be taken into consideration, and a family or executry lawyer is the person you need to speak to.  We have a link on the home page taking you to a site that we recommend.

Drawing up your Will

Writing a will should be simple, easy and your lawyer will give you the best advice.  Research the lawyer you are approaching for their services, check out their reviews online and if they are considered helpful and informative.  Will’s are not cheap so you need to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

If you have a family lawyer speak to them and see what they recommend.  A Will is a legally binding document and you will rest easy knowing that everything is sorted if and when you are not here to speak for yourself.

A lawyer will give you the best advice and should be a member of a professional organisation which means they need to abide by a code of conduct when representing you and your interests.