Power of Attorney

Chose a Power of Attorney

If you know that health issues run in the family or you have been diagnosed with a fatal illness, we recommend you speak to an Executry Lawyer to get Power of Attorney organised should you lose your cognitive thinking or be unable to speak and communicate your wishes.

This is also a tricky situation, the best thing you can do is think and plan ahead.  If you need a power of attorney you don’t want to leave it too late or for nothing to be in place should something happen.  Some people may think its a curse to be a power of attorney but most will take it as a compliment that you rate their opinion so highly.

Basically the Power of Attorney will make legal decisions on your behalf, things like what should happen to your house, car, assets etc.  An important thing to be aware of is that spouses, cohabitation partners, civil partners do not have automatic rights if something were to happen to you.  How helpless would you feel?

If you have a loved one and they were in a position where their opinion didn’t matter, that would be awful.  To have the most important person in your life unable to speak up and have some control about your welfare – not good!

A family or executry lawyer is qualified to give you advice and get the legal paperwork sorted.  Ask for their charges and cost for doing this job and how long it will take.  Also, find out what they require from the person who will be your power of attorney i.e. how many meetings etc.  You don’t want this to be an inconvenience to anyone when it is so important to you.  Get all your facts before making any decisions as its a legally binding document.