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Probate Solicitors Manchester

Are you looking for executry lawyers in Manchester? Searching for probate solicitors Manchester? There are so many to choose from and some that do operate UK wide.


Probate Solicitors Manchester – what to look for


There are a few family law firms that offer services in all things related to family law however more recently we have found family law firms that are dedicated to wills and probate services and power of attorney. Take a look at probate solicitors Manchester by clicking HERE this is the type of law firm we are talking about and also probate solicitors Birmingham is another one. These family law firms tend to be the very best when it comes to wills ans probate or power of attorney solicitors.


Probate Solicitors Manchester – what do they do?


Most probate solicitors deal with wills, power of attorney and trusts. Wills and POA are pretty straight forward where as trusts can be more difficult as this takes into account all assets including things like property and pensions. We recommend going to a family law firm like we have mentioned above as they will deal with everything.

Mis-sold Pension Claims

Seems to be the new misselling scandal is related to pensions. After the ppi scandal lots of companies are going into this as ppi has a deadline of next year.

Made us wonder as most people see ppi companies as not having a good reputation which is why we looked and done some research into this pension mis-sold scandal.


As far as we could see and after extensive research we have seen a company that only specialises in pension misselling. Click HERE to see there details.