Estate Planning

Don’t leave things to chance!

If you are not wealthy you may think you don’t need to consider your Estate in the event that you pass or die.  This is not true; if you have a mortgage or property, possessions etc. you will need to get someone to go through your estate to decide who gets what.  That is a very basic explanation but one that most can relate to.

Imagine you have a spouse who would assume they get everything including the record collection but the kids (young or old) say you promised it to them.  This type of scenario happens all the time, the negative side of people can appear when asked what they want from someone’s house etc.  Some families can appear to act like vultures waiting to take the goods as soon as possible.  Tensions can arise and it can be too late to bring in an executry lawyer if not done beforehand.

Estate planning is just one or two meetings with an executry lawyer, it should be plain and easy to organise.  You just need to have everything noted down including debts and advise what bills need settled and to whom.  The lawyers job is to take care of everything and divide the rest, as per your instructions.

The job of your lawyer when doing estate planning is to have current information up to date, to know who will be the funeral caretakers and what your wishes are.  If you have prized possessions which don’t have to be materialistic, these can be reserved for someone in particular.  It could be a trophy or a signed T-Shirt, anything that holds sentimental value to you and your family.

We recommend, they are fair and reasonably priced.  Be clear about your wishes before you meet with the lawyer, you may be charged by the hour so you want to be clear and precise.